Language Training

Hello, can I speak to……?                                                                       
Hallo. Kann ich bitte mit….sprechen?
Bonjour! Est-ce que je pourrais parler à……?                                     
                        Buongiorno, posso parlare con….
Hola, ¿Puedo hablar con...........?                                       

  • Have you ever had a telephone conversation that started like this?

  • Do you ever wish that you could answer it properly?

  • Or have you ever wondered that that you might just have lost an order because you couldn't answer this simple question?

If you have answered yes to any of the above, then maybe it's time you spoke to us about our Language Training Service

- Individually Planned
All our courses are planned to fit in with the existing strategy of the client taking a holistic approach to the language needs of the whole business. After discussing with the client their overseas contact requirements we will design a series of courses to train key personnel in a number languages and subjects.

The courses may be designed to train telephone or switchboard operators how to greet callers in their own language and establish who they wish top speak to, or they could train sales staff to make presentations to overseas clients, or we could be asked to help accounts staff to chase overdue payments form overseas debtors.

- Language training is not an "off the shelf" product
Before starting work with a client on their language training, we conduct a Language Skills Gap Analysis, which will help establish where the language skills of the company are currently and where they would like to get to. This analysis is used to determine the level of training required by the company, who needs to be trained and the languages that they need to be trained in.

The analysis also allows us to set in place course objectives and a comprehensive monitoring system to check on progress of each course. The progress of each delegate can be checked to ensure that they are keeping up with the course from an employers point of view, but also allow the trainer to spot any areas of development that are needed.

- Groups or one to one
Interaction between members of a small group is an important element of language learning. Delegates of similar ability share a common bond and tend to encourage and motivate each other.

We can also arrange one to one tuition for intensive language training, where there is a specific need to learn a language in a short space of time.

Overview of Language Training

Our approach to language training is that whenever any training is considered, the basic question any client should be asking is - will this add value to my organisation?

The language training we offer is designed to work alongside the existing strategy and plans of the business and help to keep you ahead of your competition, wherever they may be coming from. As all businesses know, any expenditure must result in added benefits in terms of profits, sales or reduced costs. Our language training service can really help your business achieve results in all three:

  • Higher sales from overseas markets, 

  • Reduced costs when negotiating purchase prices from overseas suppliers 

  •  More efficient practices resulting in lower overheads and increased margins

It can also useful as a recruitment and retention tool. Many employers are finding it harder and harder to attract the quality staff they need, and the fact that they are actively encouraging their staff to learn a language, can give staff and potential recruits confidence in their employers commitment to their staff and ongoing professional development.

Please call us or complete the enquiry form to find out how our Language Training Service can benefit you or your company.