Multi-lingual recruitment service ...

"the right person, for the right job, at the right time with the right skills"

We offer our clients one of the few dedicated multi-lingual recruitment services in the UK. Many of the "names" in the recruitment world offer multi lingual candidates but we are the only agency to officially test and grade our candidate's linguistic skills, providing the market place with a wide variety of "language professionals" ready to fill any number of vacancies.

- Let the candidate fit the role, rather than the role fit the candidate
At Choice we believe in putting languages first. We find the right language skills for the job before we look at the technical skills, allowing clients to mould candidates into the role, rather than the role being moulded to the "best fit" candidate.

- Language skills take a lifetime to perfect - technical skills only take a career!!!
Our view is that the transitory nature of any job means that the technical skills required to achieve competency can be learnt in a very short period of time, whilst the language skills needed to be able to handle customer complaints or a sales meeting need a lifetime to perfect.

Our approach is that we should find the language professional with the right language skills first and then teach them the technical skills that they need whilst "on the job" or during induction training.

- Shared service centres - is the North West of England now the centre of Europe?
Over the last few years the NW of England has emerged as one of the leading areas for Shared Service Centres, allowing many multi-national companies to merge their country specific functions in one place. Obviously they need to have the right language skills to satisfy the demands of their customers and it was our approach to putting language skills first that has led to us working with some of the biggest names in Europe when they needed language professionals. This area relies heavily on native language speakers who need to be able to reassure the customers, just by using their language skills, that the help desk is in the same country or region not just in the same continent! Our experience and our unique language testing and grading has ensured that our clients can be confident that they can benefit from shared service centres, whilst retaining the customer focus they need to succeed.

Client procedures dictate that they need to ensure that the customers are not able to "guess" the location of the help desk from the languages skills of the operators. If they have a northern Germany telephone number, then the customers will expect to speak to somebody in northern Germany - in this case anonymity is a great testimony to the service we provide, finding the right language skills to fill the right vacancy.

- Whatever the role, if it needs a language skill we can help
Not only have we been asked to source help desk and customer service centre staff, many of our clients have been looking at multi-lingual recruitment as an extension of their marketing strategies. Where they have a large overseas market they have begun to realise the value of language speakers during the sales process and the after-sales functions.

It can also useful as a recruitment and retention tool. Many employers are finding it harder and harder to attract the quality staff they need, and the fact that they are active in the language skills market, can give staff and potential recruits confidence in their employers commitment to training and development.

Overview of recruitment services

Clients are beginning to ask themselves who are their main sales targets? Do the have language differences to overcome? And how can I ensure that we can communicate effectively?

They are looking at the telephone skills and call forwarding functions- if a French client takes the trouble to get in touch, shouldn't we be able to say hello and ask whom they wish to speak to? When making a sales pitch, do we assume that the audience can understand us, or do we take the trouble to speak in their language not ours?

It is these and other questions, which we help many clients to answer, and in many cases a simple re-evaluation of the recruitment policy has meant that the next time they need to recruit for a post, they take the language skills, both immediate and future needs, into account.

If you need to look at the language issue for your next recruit, or if you just want to talk through the possibilities, please complete the online enquiry form or call us at anytime to discuss how our Multi-Lingual recruitment service can help your business.