Interpreting and other language services ...

- Our Interpreting service provides you with highly trained and experienced interpreters for any situation.
Whether you have a shop floor visit or a board meeting we can provide an interpreter to match the language needs of your guests as well as the situation. If you are giving a formal presentation to a group of 5 or organising a conference for 500 delegates, we can provide teams of interpreters and equipment for any venue.

Our interpreters are all highly trained professionals who have completed many hundreds of hours of work for a wide variety of organisations both in the UK and abroad, in continental Europe and South America. We have worked for the Home Office, DTI, other government bodies as well as major conference organisers for the pharmaceutical and medical industries.

Our interpreters can help you make the right impression with both potential and existing customers, allowing you to express yourself safe in the knowledge that everything you say will be understood by your audience. Our interpreting service has proved to be of help in improving sales from overseas.

So next time that you have an overseas visitor, a presentation to potential overseas customers or a formal conference to organise ask us to provide the language skills to help your day go as smoothly as you want it to.

For further information, please complete the online enquiry form or call us at anytime to discuss how our interpreting service can help your business.

Other language services:
As well as providing the standard language services we have a panel of freelance language specialists who can provide:

  • Video voiceovers 

  • Telephone market research in overseas markets 

  • Interpreting for video conferencing 

  • Transcription of taped or videoed interviews and discussion groups 

  • Translation of written market research material