North West Export Hub

The North West Export HUB

As domestic demand continues to be weak, exports will assume a greater importance than in previous years providing new opportunities, but new challenges, to local companies who may not have previously had any experience of exporting.

There are many questions you may need answers to, such as;

·         Where would you start exporting?

·         How would you assess which markets to enter?

·         Where would you get advice?

·         How would you get paid?

·         How would you manage the extra risk?

Many companies will therefore need advice and guidance from professionals who understand the risks and the opportunities that will arise. With this in mind, The North West Export HUB Group are running a series of events aimed at providing advice on a number of Export related topics and answering some of the many questions new Exporters will have.

The "Hub"

Established on an informal basis members of the HUB Group, which works closely with representatives of UKTI, are able to ‘signpost’ local Companies to professionals with specific areas of expertise in exporting, reducing the amount of time Companies need to take researching who to contact and providing up to date advice and information on how to minimise the risks of trading abroad and access new markets.

Members of the Group have wide international contacts and can provide a range of help and advice on many topics including;

·         Language and Culture

·         Export Controls from a Legal perspective

·         Risk analysis and protecting your assets

·         How to finance your exports and get paid

·         Logistics, Transportation and Documentation

·         Incoterms

For further information in the first instance, please contact;


John Heywood